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Getting started

This guide aims to give you a full overview of the OpenCTI features and workflows. The platform can be used in various contexts to handle threats management use cases from a technical to a more strategic level. OpenCTI has been designed as a knowledge graph, taking inputs (threat intelligence feeds, sightings & alerts, vulnerabilities, assets, artifacts, etc.) and generating outputs based on built-in capabilities and / or connectors.

Here are some examples of use cases:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence knowledge base
  • Detection as code feeds for XDR, EDR, SIEMs, firewalls, proxies, etc.
  • Incident response artifacts & cases management
  • Vulnerabilities management
  • Reporting, alerting and dashboarding on a subset of data

Use Cases

Welcome dashboard

The welcome page gives any visitor on the OpenCTI platform an overview of what's happening on the platform. It can be replaced by a custom dashboard, created by a user (or the default dashboard set up in a role, a group or an organization).


Indicators in the dashboard


Component Description
Intrusion sets Number of intrusion sets .
Malware Number of malware.
Reports Number of reports.
Indicators Number of indicators.

Charts & lists

Component Description
Most active threats (3 last months) Top active threats (threat actor, intrusion set and campaign) during the last 3 months.
Most targeted victims (3 last months) Intensity of the targeting tied to the number of relations targets for a given entities (organization, sector, location, etc.) during the last 3 months.
Relationships created Volume of relationships created over the past 12 months.
Most active malware (3 last months) Top active malware during the last 3 months.
Most active vulnerabilities (3 last months) List of the vulnerabilities with the greatest number of relations over the last 3 months.
Targeted countries (3 last months) Intensity of the targeting tied to the number of relations targets for a given country over the past 3 months.
Latest reports Last reports ingested in the platform.
Most active labels (3 last months) Top labels given to entities during the last 3 months.

Explore the platform

To start exploring the platform and understand how information is structured, we recommend starting with the overview documentation page.