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Breaking changes and migrations

This section lists breaking changes introduced in OpenCTI, per version starting with the latest.

Please follow the migration guides if you need to upgrade your platform.

OpenCTI 6.2

Change to the observable "promote"

The API calls that promote an Observable to Indicator now return the created Indicator instead of the original Observable.


  • Mutation StixCyberObservableEditMutations.promote is now deprecated
  • New Mutation StixCyberObservableEditMutations.promoteToIndicator introduced

Client-Python API

  • Client-python method client.stix_cyber_observable.promote_to_indicator is now deprecated
  • New Client-python method client.stix_cyber_observable.promote_to_indicator_v2 introduced

Discontinued Support

Please note that the deprecated methods will be permanently removed in OpenCTI 6.5.

How to migrate

If you are using custom scripts that make use of the deprecated API methods, please update these scripts.

The changes are straightforward: if you are using the return value of the method, you should now expect the new Indicator instead of the Observable being promoted; adapt your code accordingly.

Change to SAML authentication

When want_assertions_signed and want_authn_response_signed SAML parameter are not present in OpenCTI configuration, the default is now set to true by the underlying library (passport-saml) when previously it was false by default.

How to migrate

If you have issues after upgrade, you can try with both parameters set to false.

OpenCTI 5.12

Major changes to the filtering APi

OpenCTI 5.12 introduces a major rework of the filter engine with breaking changes to the model.

A dedicated blog post describes the reasons behind these changes.

How to migrate

Please read the dedicated migration guide.