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Activity triggers

Enterprise edition

Activity unified interface and logging are available under the "OpenCTI Enterprise Edition" license.

Please read the dedicated page to have all information


Having all the history in the user interface (events) is sometimes not enough to have a proactive monitoring. For this reason, you can configure some specific triggers to receive notifications on audit events. You can configure like personal triggers, lives one that will be sent directly or digest depending on your needs.


In this type of trigger, you will need to configure various options:

  • Notification target: user interface or email,
  • Recipients: the recipient of the notification,
  • Filters: a set of filters to get only events that really interest you.

Event structure

In order to correctly configure the filters, here's a definition of the event structure

  • Event type: authentication

    • Event scopes: login and logout
  • Event type: read

    • Event scopes: read and unauthorized
  • Event type: file

    • Event scopes: read, create and delete
  • Event type: mutation

    • Event scopes: unauthorized, update, create and delete
  • Event type: command

    • Event scopes: search, enrich, import and export