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Deploy on-premise map server with OpenCTI styles


The OpenStreetMap tiles for the planet will take 80GB. Here are the instructions to deploy a local OpenStreetMap server with the OpenCTI styles.

Create directory for the data and upload planet data

When you will launch the map server container, it will be necessary to mount a volume with the planet tiles data. Just create the directory for the data.

mkdir /var/YOUR_DATA_DIR

We have hosted the free-to-use planet tiles, just download the planet data from


Put the file maptiler-osm-2020-12-14-v3.11-planet.mbtiles in the data directory:

cp maptiler-osm-2020-12-14-v3.11-planet.mbtiles /var/YOUR_DATA_DIR/

Start Docker

Replace the port 80 by the port you would like to expose. Inside the Docker, the map server listen on the port 80.

docker run -d --restart always -v /var/YOUR_DATA_DIR:/data -p 80:80 klokantech/openmaptiles-server:latest 


Download on your computer the OpenCTI JSON styles (you will have to upload it through the web UI later).

Now, you can access to the map server, you should see the following page:


On the next page, you should see the existing data:


On the next page, click on "Advanced Options":


Upload the filigran-dark2.json and filigran-light2.json files:


Save and run the server with default parameters:


OpenCTI Parameters

Once the server is running, you should see the list of available styles:


Click on "Viewer", and take the URL:

👉 http:/YOUR_URL/styles/{ID}/....

In the OpenCTI configuration, just put:

Parameter Environment variable Value Description
app:map_tile_server_dark APP__MAP_TILE_SERVER_DARK http://{YOUR_MAP_SERVER}/styles/{ID_DARK}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png The address of the OpenStreetMap provider with dark theme style
app:map_tile_server_light APP__MAP_TILE_SERVER_LIGHT http://{YOUR_MAP_SERVER}/styles/{ID_LIGHT}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png The address of the OpenStreetMap provider with light theme style

You're good to go!