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Ask AI

Enterprise edition

Ask AI is available under the "OpenCTI Enterprise Edition" license.

Please read the dedicated page to have all information

Prerequisites for using Ask AI

There are several possibilities for Enterprise Edition customers to use OpenCTI AI endpoints:

  • Use the Filigran AI Service leveraging our custom AI model using the token given by the support team.
  • Use OpenAI or MistralAI cloud endpoints using your own tokens.
  • Deploy or use local AI endpoints (Filigran can provide you with the custom model).

Please read the configuration documentation

Beta Feature

Ask AI is a beta feature as we are currently fine-tuning our models. Consider checking important information.

How it works

Even if in the future, we would like to leverage AI to do RAG, for the moment we are mostly using AI to analyze and produce texts or images, based on data directly sent into the prompt.

This means that if you are using Filigran AI endpoint or a local one, your data is never used to re-train or adapt the model and everything relies on a pre-trained and fixed model. When using the Ask AI button in the platform, a prompt is generated with the proper instruction to generate the expected result and use it in the context of the button (in forms, rich text editor etc.).

Filigran custom model

We are hosting a scalable AI endpoint for all SaaS or On-Prem enterprise edition customers, this endpoint is based on MistralAI with a model that will be adapted over time to be more effective when processing threat intelligence related contents.

The model, which is still in beta version, will be adapted in the upcoming months to reach maturity at the end of 2024. It can be shared with on-prem enterprise edition customers under NDA.

Functionalities of Ask AI

Ask AI is represented by a dedicated icon wherever on of its functionalities is available to use.

Create a new playbook

Assistance for writing meaningful content

Ask AI can assist you for writing better textual content, for example better title, name, description and detailed content of Objects.

  • Fix spelling & grammar: try to improve the text from a formulation and grammar perspective.
  • Make it shorter/longer: try to shorten or lengthen the text.
  • Change tone: try to change the tone of the text. You can select if you want the text to be written for Strategic (Management, decision makers), Tactical (for team leaders) or Operational (for technical CTI analysts) audiences.
  • Summarize: try to summarize the text in bullet points.
  • Explain: try to explain the context of the subject's text based on what is available to the LLM.

Assistance for importing data from documents

Fom the Content tab of a Container (Reports, Groupings and Cases), Ask AI can also assist you for importing data contained in uploaded documents into OpenCTI for further exploitation.

  • Generate report document: Generate a text report based on the knowledge graph (entities and relationships) of this container.
  • Summarize associated files: Generate a summary of the selected files (or all files associated to this container).
  • Try to convert the selected files (or all files associated to this container) in a STIX 2.1 bundle you will then be able to use at your convenience (for example importing it into the platform).

Generating report with Ask AI

Example of a generated content

A short video on the FiligranHQ YouTube channel presents tha capabilities of AskAI:

Improving generated elements of Ask AI

Be aware that the text quality is highly dependent on the capabilities of the associated LLM.

That is why every generated text by Ask AI is provided in a dedicated panel, allowing you to verify and rectify any error the LLM could have made.