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Search for knowledge

In OpenCTI, you have access to different capabilities to be able to search for knowledge in the platform. In most cases, a search by keyword can be refined with additional filters for instance on the type of object, the author etc.

The global search is always available in the top bar of the platform.

Search bar

This search covers all STIX Domain Objects (SDOs) and STIX Cyber Observables (SCOs) in the platform. The search results are sorted according to the following behaviour:

  • Priority 1 for exact matching of the keyword in one attribute of the objects.
  • Priority 2 for partial matching of the keyword in the name, the aliases and the description attributes (full text search).
  • Priority 3 for partial matching of the keyword in all other attributes (full text search).

If you get unexpected result, it is always possible to add some filters after the initial search:

Search filters

Also, using the Advanced search button, it is possible to directly put filters in a global search:

Advanced search

The bulk search capabilities in available in the top bar of the platform and allow you to copy paste a list of keyword or objects (ie. list of domains, list of IP addresses, list of vulnerabilities, etc.) to search in the platform:

Bulk search

When searching in bulk, OpenCTI is only looking for an exact match in some properties:

  • name
  • aliases
  • x_opencti_aliases
  • x_mitre_id
  • value
  • subject
  • abstract
  • hashes_MD5
  • hashes_SHA1
  • hashes_SHA256
  • hashes_SHA512
  • x_opencti_additional_names

When something is not found, it appears in the list as Unknown and will be excluded if you choose to export your search result in a JSON STIX bundle or in a CSV file.

Bulk search results

In most of the screens of knowledge, you always have a contextual search bar allowing you to filter the list you are on:

Contextual search

The search keyword used here is taken into account if you decide to export the current view in a file such as a JSON STIX bundle or a CSV file.

Other search bars

Some other screens can contain search bars for specific purposes. For instance, in the graph views to filter the nodes displayed on the graph:

Search in graph