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OpenCTI Documentation Space

Welcome to the OpenCTI Documentation space. Here you will be able to find all documents, meeting notes and presentations about the platform.

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We are doing our best to keep this documentation complete, accurate and up to date. If you still have questions or you find something which is not sufficiently explained, join the Filigran Community on Slack.


OpenCTI is an open source platform allowing organizations to manage their cyber threat intelligence knowledge and observables. It has been created in order to structure, store, organize and visualize technical and non-technical information about cyber threats.

Getting started

  • Deployement & Setup

    Learn how to deploy and configure the platform as well as launch connectors to get the first data in OpenCTI.

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  • User Guide

    Understand how to use the platform, explore the knowledge, import and export information, create dashboard, etc.


  • Administration

    Know how to administrate OpenCTI, create users and groups using RBAC / segregation, put retention policies and custom taxonomies.


Latest blog posts


All tutorials are published directly on the Medium blog, this section provides a comprehensive list of the most important ones.

  • Progressive rollout of the OpenCTI Enterprise Edition: why, what and how?
    June 10, 2023

    We are thrilled to announce that, from OpenCTI 5.8, Filigran is now providing some customers with an Enterprise Edition of the platform, whether on-premise...


  • How OpenCTI helps to fight disinformation and foreign interferences
    May 21, 2023

    In the past year, our product and engineering teams worked closely with multiple companies, public agencies and non profit organizations to extend a bit the...


  • OpenCTI knowledge streams can now be turned into public feeds!
    Apr 18, 2023

    OpenCTI has multiple ways of sharing data with other platform and third-party systems: TAXII collections, CSV feeds, custom connectors and live streams...


Additional resources

Below, you will find external resources which may be useful along your OpenCTI journey.

OpenCTI Ecosystem
List of available connectors and integrations to expand platform usage.

Training Courses
Training courses for analysts and administrators in the Filigran training center.

Performances tests & metrics
Regular performance tests based on default configuration and datasets.