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Prerequisites Windows

Development stack require some base software that need to be installed.

Docker or podman

Platform dependencies in development are deployed through container management, so you need to install a container stack.

We currently support docker and postman.

Docker Desktop from -

wsl --set-default-version 2

  • Reboot computer and continue to next step
  • Load Docker Application
  • NOTE DOCKER LICENSE - You are agreeing to the licence for Non-commercial Open Source Project use. OpenCTI is Open Source and the version you would be possibly contributing to enhancing is the unpaid non-commercial/non-enterprise version. If you intention is different - please consult with your organization's legal/licensing department.
  • Leave Docker Desktop running

NodeJS and yarn

The platform is developed on nodejs technology, so you need to install node and the yarn package manager.

Python runtime

For worker and connectors, a python runtime is needed. Even if you already have a python runtime installed through node installation, on windows some nodejs package will be recompiled with python and C++ runtime.

For this reason Visual Studio Build Tools is required.

Git and dev tool